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Data Privacy

Mitigating risk and managing PII in an evolving digital ecosystem

Privacy legislation and consumer expectations are set to uproot the current approach to reaching audiences

Marketers are facing a new organizing construct with emerging regulations around the use of personal data. Brands must take action to better engage with users, stay competitive, and mitigate risks of non-compliance.

Is your organization prepared to ensure compliance and to mitigate risk with the CCPA?

  • Balancing data privacy with personalization

    How do you walk the line between giving consumers control over their data and bringing them closer to your brand? You own the data. First-party data is the new gold and organizations that are not able to quickly adapt to this new reality will fall behind.

  • Deliver a carefully controlled flow of personal data along a meaningful customer journey

    While consumers are wary of sharing their personal data, they also demand a brand experience that reflects who they are. With a renewed focus on the value of first-party data, brands can quickly adjust their strategies to accommodate both trends, fostering brand loyalty and ultimately, increased revenues.

Technology has created a crisis of trust between brands and consumers

Data Privacy requires a focus on six key elements of trust: Ethics, integrity, openness, accountability, competence, and consistency.
–Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

CCPA Roadmap: Impacts & Implications to Address in 2020

The era of legislated data privacy has arrived with the enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This E-Book is designed to help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the CCPA.