Leverage your data for around-the-corner intelligence

What if you increased spend in a specific channel?

Forecast your KPIs to see what the future holds based on your past experiences. We apply machine learning and statistical techniques, tap into internal/external trends and increase marketing efficiency by projecting expected inputs and results over time.

This solution accounts for both online and offline actions, and uses any available data sets including time series, user actions, or attributes in order to glean accurate forecasts.


  • Evaluate KPI benchmarks for future testing
  • Test realistic what-if scenarios for future before execution
  • Pinpoint historical events and attribute success or failure to defined events or marketing efforts
  • Gain insight into budget allocation for better planning capability with insight into future revenue or website actions

Deliverable: An informed forecasting model based on your historical data patterns, with statistical or machine learning algorithms to work best with your data. You’ll see expected YoY changes, and other key highlights. The forecast will be used to test different scenarios, such as what would happen if your digital media budget were to be increased.

*Prices may vary, based on scope
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