It’s hard listening to someone boast. Not only does boasting lack credibility, it’s downright boring.

Yet so many websites are full of, “We are the undisputed worldwide leader in [whatever]. Since 1996, we have…”

Blah, blah, blah… Nobody wants to read this stuff.

How self-centered is your website?

Here’s an exercise: Literally count how many times “we” appears on your home page. If it appears more than a couple of times, you have a problem. Ideally, it won’t appear at all.

Write about your customers and your solutions, not yourself

As a potential customer, my only concerns are:

  • Do you understand my particular problem?
  • Can you solve it?
  • Can you do so quickly and efficiently?
  • Are you my best option?

Show that you understand your customers’ pain points and can offer solutions.

Step 1: The right look and feel

Subtlety helps. Show off your professionalism by implication, i.e. by doing everything right:

  • Appropriate level of design “fit and finish”
  • Easy navigation, logical organization of content
  • Concise, error-free writing
  • Professional and responsive customer service

Step 2: Prove it!

Indicate your expertise not by talking about it, but by demonstrating it:

  • Testimonials (let others do your boasting)
  • Case studies
  • White papers and other support materials
  • Blog showing thought leadership

Do this, and your website will be much more persuasive. Yes it’s a lot of work. But then again, actually doing something is always more difficult than just talking about it.