Google Analytics Premium (GAP) has powerful features and integrations that give organizations great insights into their business. We have seen how GAP helps organizations activate their data and analytics to drive their decision making, gain a better understanding of their customers, and increase sales.

Whether yours is a growing organization using the standard version of Google Analytics and considering an upgrade to the paid, premium version or already using GAP and want to step up your use of the platform for significant ROI, Up and Running with Google Analytics Premium is a must-watch session for you.

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Presented by Cardinal Path’s award-winning analytics expert, David Booth, Up and Running with Google Analytics Premium is a 74-minute course that covers:

  • Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium (GAP) offerings
  • The GAP feature set
  • Advanced data and product integrations with GAP
  • Ways to buy GAP
  • and much more…

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Need a handy summary of Google Analytics Premium features for your reference? Download the solution sheet.