Yesterday I spent the day in the basement at the Met hotel in Vancouver learning more about the world of social media marketing. The presentation was put on by the IAB who had hired a great speaker from TwistImage in Montreal – his name is Mitch Joel

Here are my notes (specifically how to get started podcasting on the cheap and some other cool stuff)

  • Podcasting is going to be huge (if your not thinking about it, start).
    • It's inexpensive to get started, easy to publish and there is no reason that if you want to pod cast you can't .
    • Make sure you include an iTunes subscription strategy .
    • Great pod casting ideas

      • How to cook
      • How to do yoga
      • How to fix your engine
      • How to.. .you get the idea
    • Free music for pod casting get it here
    • Software for podcasting Cast Blaster | Audacity
    • Podcasting recorder – Mitch recommends the M-Audio Micro Track
  • You can add technocrati "online reputation searches" to your blog reader
    • Don't forget to also use Google news alerts
  • TED – I still think that Notre Dame Flickr demo is really cool – check it out.

Overall I think the conference was a success, I learned more about podcasting, and I met some interesting people whom I hope to network with.