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Google AdWords consists of four basic elements: campaigns, Ad Groups, keywords and Ad Text. Briefly, campaign settings examine 7 critical questions:

  1. What geographic area do you want to target?
  2. How much can you afford to spend to dominate your market?
  3. What languages do your target customers speak?
  4. What time of day do you expect the most sales, and when can you best answer questions?
  5. Do you know the ads that convert best?
  6. Do you know the position that leads to the most conversions?
  7. Are there words or ideas (negative keywords) that you do not want your business associated with?

These critical elements will be examined a post that will follow; however, the intent of this article is to discuss the structure of Ad Groups. Each is comprised of Ad Text, keywords, and a landing page. Together, these 3 components comprise a perfect triangle, if you think that way, or cube (as in 2 cubed) if you visualize things that way too.

You need to work backwards to build solid Ad Groups. Use the landing page (or discrete page on the website) to determine keywords and phrases to include in Ad Groups. Based on the words, group them as ideas, thoughts or spellings. The tighter the concept loops or circles that you can form the better. Create Ad Text that copies or mimics the selected keywords. Place the keywords in Ad Group named similarly.

Under optimal conditions, there will a 1 – 1 correspondence between all parts of an Ad Group – the landing page scores a 10/10, the Ad Text scores a 10/10 and the keyword scores a 10/10. If you look at things this way, you can see why a website that scores a 30/30 cannot be beat.

The strong Ad Group is structured as follows:

Landing Page (score is 10)
“Everything you need to know about buying ford cars.”

Keyword (score is 10)

buy ford cars

Ad Text (score is 10)
buy ford cars

The strong Ad Group structure leads to good click through rates and strong conversions.

The weak Ad Group, in contrast, is structured as shown:

Landing Page (4)
a picture of a Ford Mustang

Keyword (6)
ford cars

Ad Text (9)
Ford Mustangs Sale

This weak Ad Groups lead to strong CTRs and low or no sales.

The purpose of this article is to suggest that Google AdWords is not a flat search for keywords. It is a solid object or cube that intends to interacts with your website and potential customers. To get the right customers to your website, it needs three strong critical elements: landing pages, keywords, and Ad Text.