Corey Koberg

Corey Koberg is a Founder and co-CEO at Cardinal Path where he leads the analysis, data science, media, and product development teams. He is a well-known speaker, having keynoted and led sessions on advertising, analytics, and optimization at conferences and events across the globe. Over the last decade he has taught thousands on the topics of online marketing measurement, statistical analysis, and optimization. He is the author of Display Advertising: An Hour A Day (Wiley, 2012) as well as the Advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager series.

As a Principal, he has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Chevron, Intel, NBC, Papa John’s, National Geographic, Time Warner, Universal Music, DeVry University, and others, to improve the effectiveness of their online presence through results-oriented, data-driven optimization.

Corey holds a degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois and has been involved in Internet-related engineering and consulting for over 15 years, beginning his career in the NCSA labs that developed the world’s first web browser.

Corey is a proud husband and father of three children and enjoys sailboat racing, downhill skiing, and photography. He is involved on a volunteer basis with the University of Illinois and the local Emergency Response Team.