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Visitor Reports – Network Properties – Connection Speeds

What connection speeds are your visitors using and why does it matter?  It matters because the more you know about your visitor the more you can do to enhance their experience on your site.  The Connection Speeds report is going to give you a breakdown of visits by their Internet connection speed.

You can use this data to optimize your site so that it loads at a speed that is fast and efficient for most of your users.  I say most because there is no way your site can be all things to all people and as with all analytics reports you are not going to capture every user’s connection speed.  The data will provide you with information for a good sampling of users that are representative of the whole on which you can make your business decisions.

When considering technologies and content to add to your site you want to make sure your users can support what you are providing them.  If 40% of your users are coming to you from a dial up connection and you have just installed the latest and greatest animated RIA (Rich Internet Applications) those users are likely to leave your site without having had the experience you intended.  And potentially take their conversion elsewhere.

Use the Connection Report to get a feel for the capabilities of your visitors before adding technologies such as Flash videos.  Or if you already have such content and it is not getting you the conversion results you intended use this report to verify if the majority of your users can support it.

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  • Mark

    It’s not really that useful as the bulk of your customers will probably appear in the unknown section.

    So you’re not any wiser.

    Plus there’s no breakdown for DSL speeds which could be anything.

    So it gives you a little bit of information, but not anywhere near enough to make an informed decision.

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