Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Data Quality

Addressing Analytics, Media Optimization, and Privacy through foundational Data Quality

Your ability to compete in the digital economy depends on the reliability of your data. Yet few marketers feel confident in making decisions based on their data inputs. In the near future, tracking user activity and maintaining a unified user view for analysis, marketing, and personalization will become even more challenging, with higher inherent error in the data and YoY comparison harder to perform.

Take back control by addressing data quality and equip your organization with the competitive advantage of an analytics and media strategy that places trustworthy data front and center.

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    About the Author

    About the Author

    Eric Fettman serves as Director of Capabilities and Enablement at Cardinal Path. As an educator and coach, Eric translates complexity into understandable ideas, real-world examples, and actionable next steps. He concretely supports and inspires individuals and organizations as they develop analytics skills and programs. Eric is coauthor of Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact and is grateful for the tremendous opportunities for lifelong learning and impact that digital analytics offers.