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Yesterday was the 2nd Republican Debate of 2016. Even though it lasted 3 hours, time flies when you’re having fun! With personalities like Donald Trump often setting the tone and direction with his charged statements and views, this year’s Republican debates puts the entertainment in politics. It was full of “zingers” and sparring, from domestic/international policy disputes to even candidates criticizing each others’ appearances. Yet for some reason, the night ended in high-fives between competitors – go figure.

At E-Nor, we love to make numbers and reports dance visually – it makes it easier to tell a story. One of the great data-visualization tools is Tableau Software. Just for fun, we took polling data from the Huffington Post, which aggregated it’s statistics from different polling sources and made it into the below interactive data visualization.

  • Select a pollster and date range. Ex. CNN or Fox News :).
  • Select a candidate (select multiple candidates by holding down “command” on a mac, “control” on a pc).
  • You can also select a candidate in the graph to highlight their progress by clicking on them directly.

See their ascent (or descent) in the polls!

*(Huffington Post hasn’t updated the data in a couple days, but will update viz as data comes in!).