Data Science in 2016- Cardinal Path’s Favorite R Packages

The members of our data science team here at Cardinal Path are frequent users of R – and tend to favor it more so than any other programming language out there today. Since R was designed for statistical analysis, it has a a lot of really useful features; such as a vast network of package creators and maintainers, … Read Full Post

Klipfolio introduces KlipStart for Google Analytics

Cardinal Path is a Klipfolio Partner

You can now create powerful interactive dashboards for Google Analytics in less than three minutes with KlipStart from Klipfolio. Start customizing and integrating new data sources with a full-featured free trial of the Klipfolio.

Data Visualization: Enabling data-driven business discussions

Cardinal Path blog post

By now most organizations buy in to the fact that data is one of their most valuable assets and that they should be making their business decisions based upon insights they derive from it.  It sure helps when you present data to stakeholders in a format that they can both understand and appreciate. Data visualization … Read Full Post

Controlling Tag Firing Order with Google Tag Manager

Cardinal Path blog post

Google announced the release of Google Tag Manager (GTM) on October 1, 2012. Since that time, Cardinal Path has been fortunate enough to put it through its paces, as well as to compare it alongside other commercial tag management systems. Our friend Justin Cutroni keeps a great list of Commercial TMS systems in use today. If … Read Full Post

LavaLife Flirts With Virtual Dating

Cardinal Path blog post

Great minds think alike. (Or is it, “Fools seldom differ”?) Just as I was slamming online dating sites for not providing anything close to a real date experience, one of the biggest players — LavaLife — was working on that very thing. (Or at least someone was.) I logged into LavaLife over the weekend (hey … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).