Data Strategy

Enabling a personalized customer experience, micro-targeting, and multi-channel engagement requires a sound data strategy. Cardinal Path’s performance measurement framework maps your customer journey to specific initiatives, marketing campaigns and specific site actions, and aligns this to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and supporting metrics for a rigorous approach that guides the marketing team on a variety of tasks from website coding to campaign execution.

Data & Analytics Governance

At the heart of every effective marketing analytics strategy is strong data governance. Sound governance is key to creating a culture of data-driven insights. Does your organization have a holistic, actionable and measurable plan to ensure that your analytics efforts succeed? Cardinal Path has developed proven governance solutions, reducing complexity and enabling performance through centers of excellence (COEs), and enterprise analytics implementation playbooks and solution design documents that cover your entire digital ecosystem.


See how Cardinal Path helped NPR launch a new digital analytics strategy with customized infrastructure vastly improving data collection, management and accessibility throughout its network.

KPI Discovery & Measurement Frameworks

Business requirements documentation  (BRD) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the cornerstones of your analytics strategy. If your project requirements and stakeholder roles are not clearly defined, how will you be able to quantify outcomes against organizational goals? Cardinal Path helps lay a rock-solid foundation by:

  • Identifying your key stakeholders
  • Generating awareness about the scope and intent of the process
  • Conducting in-depth stakeholder interviews
  • Gathering stakeholders for optional 1-day on site KPI development workshop

Let us help you define your most fundamental business needs and clearly articulate what you really want from your data analytics program.


View this on-demand webinar to understand measurement frameworks, customer journey mapping, and KPI development at a deeper level, and come away with practical steps to activate your data and personalize the customer experience.

Data Architecture & Infrastructure Design

Save yourself from hours of manual collection of inconsistent and incomplete data, running inaccurate analysis, and time-intensive reporting to multiple stakeholders. Cardinal Path will give your digital analytics strategy a facelift– improving on data collection, management, and accessibility, enabling you to become a high-performing organization with the ability to go beyond measurement, move data to insights, and into action.


Learn how Cardinal Path helped NPR launch a new digital analytics strategy with customized infrastructure vastly improving its data collection, management and accessibility throughout its network.

Data Management Platforms

A Data Management Platform (DMP) combines first, second, and third-party data, delivering a significant boost to your marketing performance and enabling omnichannel marketing capabilities . It’s not just a question of whether to move forward with a DMP anymore, but how to do it right the first time and start seeing value quickly. DMPs can provide impressive results in a short time, with many organizations reporting ROI within 6-12 months.

In the emerging vendor-led ecosystem of DMPs, you need a trusted advisor to help plan the right strategy for your organization. Whether you are at the beginning stages of investigating how a DMP can help you, or if you need to optimize the performance of an existing DMP, Cardinal Path is ready with solutions designed to quickly get you on track to deploy a DMP that’s right for your business.


Watch this informative webinar to learn all about data management platforms, whether they’re right for your organization, how they can generate a significant lift in revenues, and learn tips for navigating the DMP technology landscape.