Analytics & Insights

Leverage our expertise across technology, business and strategic layers. What we do best is help our clients figure out what data they need in order to communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We start by making sure that you have clean, accurate and comprehensive data in order to act as the foundation of your digital strategy. We help you establish your infrastructure and process and then, through customer segmentation, attribution modelling, lifetime value modelling, marketing mix modeling, channel attribution and optimization- we enable your team to make informed strategic decisions based on proven and quantifiable data.

Ongoing & Ad-hoc Analysis

Cardinal Path’s award winning practitioners extend your team’s capabilities through ongoing analytics support and ad-hoc analysis, conducted by our team of in-house data scientists. We work with your marketers to inform creative, content marketing strategy, and media mix, so you can focus on the activity that brings in the highest return on your investment and the biggest impact to your business.


Take the first step to unlock the enormous potential within your data.

Data Visualization & Report Automation

Cut through the clutter and see your organization’s ‘big picture’. Data visualization and dashboards make complex data accessible and actionable. Cardinal Path works with you to present the most relevant data to appropriate stakeholders in your organization in a way that is visually appealing, and easy to use. Partnered with the industry’s top data visualization tool providers, including Klipfolio and Tableau, Cardinal Path delivers custom real-time dashboards that combine power and flexibility to bring you better, more insight driven business information.



Discover how Cardinal Path combined Hyundai’s diverse array of digital data to present a comprehensive, easy-to-understand picture of their digital marketing performance through an automated, real-time dashboard.

Predictive Modelling

Translate the value of the actions taken on your website into dollars and cents with predictive modelling from Cardinal Path.  The ability to know the true dollar value of website actions allows you to identify preset targets for your media agencies, providing you with clear direction for optimizing media buys. That, in conjunction with accurate forecasting solutions, will let you tap into data trends and increase the efficiency of your approach in the future.

Cardinal Path provides you with the science needed to make informed, actionable decisions that will product results. With our solution, your team will be able to test realistic what-if scenarios, pinpoint historical events to attribute success or failure to defined events or marketing efforts. Once you have this information, you can lay a benchmark for future testing and gain insights into budget allocation.


Learn from our Data Science experts in this on-demand webinar where we cover a broad range of data science techniques including predictive modeling and forecasting.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Learn who your most valuable customers are and understand how to influence their purchasing behaviour.  Cardinal Path’s expertise in predictive analytics and data analysis will uncover the potential and estimated revenue over your customer’s’ lifetime. With Lifetime value analysis, you will be able to attract and retain more valuable customers, optimize their experience, serve up highly personalized content based on where they are in the customer lifecycle, and determine your optimal customer acquisition costs.

Using a combination of data science, machine learning, and forecasting, Cardinal Path creates a unique approach that is tailored  to your organization. Gain powerful insights,  and receive trusted guidance and actionable recommendations for realizing the potential of your organization.


Learn from our Data Science experts in this on-demand webinar where we cover a broad range of data science techniques including Lifetime Value Analysis.

Channel Contribution Analysis

Our solution provides you with a customizable, data-driven model for converting channels. Channel Path Optimization helps you to map your entire customer journey and discover which channels are pushing your highest value customers to conversion. We provide you with insights and actionable recommendations for managing each of these channels.

By using these carefully derived insights, you will be able to adjust your advertising spend to achieve the best results possible. Imagine being able to realize a precise dollar value for how much each marketing channel adds in conversion value at each stage of the customer journey. Having this detailed level of insight will allow you to target customers with highly customized, timely, and relevant content.


Learn about the data science solutions that we deliver across many of the world’s leading brands, including channel contribution analysis.

Analysis & Segmentation

To understand the whole picture, Cardinal Path identifies your high-valued customer segments online and offline, by way of audience and behavioral metric analysis. Using innovative machine learning and data science techniques, we utilize your customer relationship management data (CRM), website analytics, or third party data to segment, and cluster identify audiences across a variety of segments to better inform your digital marketing approach.We are experts in data insights, cross- channel, targeting, enhanced reporting.


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