Online Analytics Maturity



Below is a summary of your self-assessment according to the six key process areas you should consider in your online analytics practice. Use it as a starting point for discussion among your colleagues, managers and stakeholders.

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Pay close attention to your strengths and weaknesses and any key process area which is more than two degrees above or below others. Here are some points you might want to consider:

Key Process Areas

1. Management, Governance and Adoption

What is the highest job title with accountability for online performance measurement against business goals?

  1. Nobody
  2. Project manager
  3. Director or team lead
  4. Senior managers, Vice president position
  5. Several senior managers
  6. It is implicit throughout the organization

2. Objectives

What is the objective of your current online analytics program?

  1. Yet to be defined
  2. We use a request/task list
  3. eMarketing optimization
  4. eBusiness optimization
  5. Business optimization
  6. Reinventing our business

3. Scope

The scope defines the size of the playing field

  1. We're improvising
  2. The HiPPO decides (boss or politics arbitrary decision)
  3. Focusing on a specific online activity/sector (i.e. campaign optimization or specific site area)
  4. We're aiming to optimize a single channel (websites, social, etc.)
  5. We're looking at the whole ecosystem (several sites, social media, etc.)
  6. We're going beyond online and optimizing offline

4. Team & Expertise

How is your online analytics team structured?

  1. No dedicated resources
  2. Project team
  3. At least one full time analyst
  4. Distributed team – different managers
  5. Multidisciplinary team – single manager
  6. Experienced & empowered business users

5. Methodology

How do you develop hypothesis, define problems & opportunities, analyze and provide insight?

  1. No specific methodology
  2. I have my own way
  3. We have developed our own methodology
  4. We have adopted a proven methodology for our analytics
  5. We use an agile methodology for our online activities
  6. The whole organization has adopted an agile philosophy

6. Technology

How sophisticated is your use of the technology?

  1. We have yet to implement measurement tools
  2. We are doing classic web analytics/clickstream/behavioral measurement
  3. We have defined outcomes/conversion points, KPIs, dashboards
  4. We do segmentation, merchandising & campaign optimization. We have personas & KPI alerts
  5. We are merging multiple data sources, do behavioral targetting, and evaluate lifetime value
  6. We do predictive analytics and have defined activity-based costing


If enough data is collected for similar industries, business types and countries we can provide benchmark results. A global comparative benchmark is always provided.

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Please contact us to discuss your results and how Cardinal Path can help you achieve your goals.