Online Analytics Maturity

Self-assessment tool

This survey provides a means of assessing your organization's current strengths and weaknesses across multiple facets of analytics maturity. This exercise takes just a few minutes and provides a benchmark and a base from which to begin improving your use of data to drive decision-making.

This survey represents a subset of a full maturity assessment and is meant to assist in evaluating your current online analytics maturity.

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Background & benefits

This survey is based on an ongoing study of online analytics practices within organizations of various industries, sizes, geographies and organizational structures developed by Stéphane Hamel, Director of Innovation, Cardinal Path.

Completing the form

  • The survey will take 2–3 minutes to complete.
  • Please answer based on your current status, not desired state.
  • Once completed, you will receive a summary of your answers along with a visual representation of your current maturity.
  • With your permission, the collected data will be used to contribute to future OAMM improvements.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Cardinal Path and your answers will not be shared under any circumstances, unless specifically authorized. Only aggregated results will be published, and only in the case that permission is provided at the bottom of the form. Your email address is used to ensure response identification, validity and quality.


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Your Organization

About you

Responsible: doing the analysis
Accountable: managing the team
Consulted: a stakeholder or subject matter expert
Informed: kept up to date with the information provided from analysis

1. Management, Governance and Adoption

0.  Nobody!
1.  Project manager
2.  Director or team lead
3.  Senior manager, Vice-president
4.  Several senior managers
5.  It is implicit throughout the organization

2. Objectives definition

0.  Yet to be defined
1.  We use a request/task list
2.  eMarketing optimization
3.  eBusiness optimization
4.  Business optimization
5.  Reinventing our business

3. Scoping

0.  We're improvising
1.  The HiPPO decides (boss or politics arbitrary decision)
2.  Focusing on a specific online activity/sector (i.e. campaign optimization or specific site area)
3.  We're aiming to optimize a single channel (websites, social, etc.)
4.  We're looking at the whole ecosystem (several sites, social media, etc.)
5.  We're going beyond online and optimizing offline

4. The analytics team & expertise

0.  No dedicated resources
1.  Project team
2.  At least one full time analyst
3.  Distributed team – different managers
4.  Multidisciplinary team – single manager
5.  Experienced & empowered business users

5. Continuous improvement process & analysis methodology

0.  No specific methodology
1.  I have my own way
2.  We have developed our own methodology
3.  We have adopted a proven methodology for our analytics
4.  We use an agile methodology for our online activities
5.  The whole organization has adopted an agile philosophy

(Some concept & methodologies for continuous improvement: SixSigma, Lean, Kaizen, SCRUM)

6. Tools, technology & data integration

0.  We have yet to implement measurement tools
1.  We are doing classic web analytics/clickstream/behavioral measurement
2.  We have defined outcomes/conversion points, KPIs, dashboards
3.  We do segmentation, merchandising & campaign optimization. We have personas & KPI alerts
4.  We are merging multiple data sources, using behavioral targeting or personalization, and evaluating lifetime value
5.  We do predictive analytics and have defined activity-based costing


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