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Analytics Governance

The heart of an effective data & analytics strategy

Proven, industry-leading governance frameworks to underpin your organization’s digital transformation

Through rigorous reviews of strategic and tactical goals and objectives, interviews with stakeholders, and knowledge transfer of best practices in governance, Cardinal Path has helped enterprises establish in-house, employee-led governance tools such as Digital Analytics Centers of Excellence, Analytics Governance Councils and extensive roadmaps for realigning analytics staffing, integration, and training. 

  • Governance is a weak spot for enterprises

    Governance is a process that outlines who has responsibility for collection, analysis, implementation and assessment and how these activities are supported. Many organizations still lack a holistic, actionable, and measurable plan for ensuring that analytics efforts are successful. This can range from ownership and responsibility of a particular area to simply being informed and aware of progress or setbacks.

  • A rigorous approach to strategic and tactical business goals is needed

    Organizations that have been successful in making the most of their data have put into place well-defined, and well-communicated roles and responsibilities that hold teams and people accountable across the full spectrum of activities required to collect, analyze, and use data to measure and act on business goals. We call this governance.

Governance and Data Privacy

With the onset of data privacy regulations, governance becomes a critical component for every organization going to market through digital channels or otherwise. 

Cardinal Path helps enterprise marketers adapt to new and emerging constraints on the use of personal data:

Learn more about applying governance to your digital data & analytics processes.

Digital transformation is rooted in good analytics governance

Leadership is a critical factor in transforming an organization from being market-led to being data-driven.

CCPA Roadmap: Impacts & Implications to Address in 2020

The era of legislated data privacy has arrived with the enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This eBook is designed to help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the CCPA.