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Data Engineering

Digital transformation begins with data infrastructure
  • Business-critical data comes from multiple operating systems across the enterprise

    How do you organize the data you need to drive the business forward? Our proven approach goes beyond the technology to consider the capabilities that are needed to ensure you have the right resources and processes in place to enable your organization to succeed.

  • A foundational layer for your marketing analytics

    Cardinal Path's data engineering solutions ensure a seamless flow of data between servers and applications. Building out data collection pipelines, managing a holistic system of data management technology, and standing up data warehouses are key components to empowering your data scientists and marketing analytics teams.

Data Engineering helps you to scale your analytics and activation

Importing 1st-Party Data into Google BigQuery

Open up the possibility for advanced analysis, data modeling, and machine learning by harnessing the power of importing your first-party data from Salesforce CRM into BigQuery.