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Analytics Platforms

Foundational martech to drive your digital strategy

Analytics: the most vital marketing capability

Gartner research has identified marketing and customer analytics as the top capability in a marketer’s toolkit. With nearly 30% of budgets allocated to building out a marketing tech stack that delivers intelligence to inform media spend, creative, and online experiences, it’s key to stand up a stack that is efficient, effective, and ladders up to business KPIs.

  • Creating a balance between automation and humanization

    Analytics platforms are intended to help automate processes to allow brands to deliver personalized, “human” touchpoints. Technology needs to work in lock-step with marketers to achieve this. Cardinal Path draws from the experience of thousands of successful analytics platform engagements to deliver a custom, comprehensive solution for your business.

  • Standing up an analytics solution that fits your business

    Look beyond the bells and whistles touted by platform vendors and understand what your team needs to find success. By losing the extra weight of tools that you just don’t need at this stage, and focusing on the capabilities of your people, you’ll quickly uncover ways to inform the business-critical decisions that can make or break a digital strategy. 

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Analytics to inspire confidence

We’re now in the enviable position of having an accurate view at each stage of our customer journey. Cardinal Path has enabled a custom cloud analytics solution that not only gives us a business advantage, but helps us shape a great customer experience, and ultimately ties in to our values of industry-leading innovation and world-class customer service.
–Digital & E-commerce Analyst, U.S. Cellular Corporation

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Free Google Analytics Training

Cardinal Path is offering free Google Analytics training to support organizations in these uncertain times. Bolster your organization’s internal analytics capabilities with our curated series of Google Analytics courses.