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Expert Answers to Your Testing & Personalization Questions

For many companies, 80% of site engagement revenue comes from 20% of the most valued visitors – this is just one of the many rationales for devising and implementing personalization strategies in your marketing roadmap. Anthony Mills, Manager, Analysis and Optimization at Cardinal Path, delivered this finding, along with many other details and approaches, during … Read Full Post

The State of Digital Analytics Maturity in Europe

Cardinal Path blog post

Online Dialogue, a digital optimization agency in the Netherlands, recently invited me to celebrate their 5th anniversary at the wonderful Kastell de Haar. Preaching to the choir (literally), I shared some insight about the concepts behind the digital analytics maturity model I created in 2008, along with some opinion about the maturity of the European … Read Full Post

How to Collect Precision Data with Events and Virtual Page Views

Cardinal Path blog post

Google Analytics’ “tag every page with this code” method omits a new user’s ability to track page activities that don’t necessarily navigate the user to a new page. Two of my favorite features that address the need to track such visits are Google Analytics Events and Virtual Page Views (VPVs), which allow you to get … Read Full Post

eMetrics and GAUGE does Boston!

Cardinal Path blog post

eMetrics and GAUGE are visiting Boston for the first time! Here’s a unique opportunity to meet the Cardinal Path team! eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit For years, eMetrics has been the most important event of the digital analytics industry. For beginners, eMetrics is an initiation – a great opportunity to break the ice and talk to industry leaders … Read Full Post

Experiment: onClick vs onMouseDown Event Tracking in Google Analytics

Event tracking is a beautiful thing. With it we can track visitor actions that don’t load the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) such as PDF downloads, image clicks, uses of a tool. In simple terms, it’s widely used to track pretty much anything that doesn’t load another web page on your site. Tracking these sorts … Read Full Post