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How Twitter reacted to the 2011 budget announcement

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As a follow up to our last blog, entitled “Analysing Twitter before Federal Budget 2011”, we wanted to do a comparable analysis to see how the conversation on Twitter developed after the presentation of the Canadian federal budget on March 22, 2011. To remain consistent, we are reviewing the very popular Canadian political hash tag; … Read Full Post

Analyzing Twitter before 2011 Federal Budget

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We’re in the final lead-up to the 2011 Canadian Federal Budget announcement, which will take place on Tuesday, March 22. As someone who spends their professional life measuring and evaluating the online space, it occurred to me that this budget, unlike many before it, is already having a big impact on social media. To test … Read Full Post

The 2011 federal budget, according to Google

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At PublicInsite, we like to preach that all of the Internet is a poll. In fact, we often say that it’s a better poll than the ones conducted by pollsters because the sample size is so much larger and because topics searched using Google and online content selections are not slanted by the presence of … Read Full Post