Nick Iyengar

Nick is an Associate Director of Digital Intelligence at Cardinal Path, where he is responsible for helping his clients improve their profitability by building their analytics capabilities. He recently returned to Cardinal Path for his second tour of duty, having recently completed his MBA at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

At Cardinal Path, Nick has led Google Analytics implementations for dozens of organizations in a wide variety of industries. In addition, he has helped organizations get the most out of their implementations by leveraging deep segmentation and customization techniques. Outside the office, Nick has led dozens of analytics seminars, training hundreds of professionals in analytics, and presented at industry events such as GAUGE (Google Analytics Users' Great Event).

Prior to joining Cardinal Path, Nick began his career in digital analytics at Google, where he managed Google's Analytics Guru team. Initially focused on reactive technical support, Nick transformed his team into a consulting organization which generated over $25M in revenue for Google in its first year. In addition to leading client engagements with Google's most strategic advertising partners, Nick trained dozens of Googlers across North America on Google Analytics.

Using analytics to improve marketing accountability and profitability comes naturally to Nick, who managed tens of millions of dollars in AdWords campaigns during his time at Google. When he's not sitting in front of his Google Analytics account, you can find Nick tailgating at a University of Michigan football game.

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Cardinal Path to provide support & services for Salesforce licensing of Google Marketing Platform

In a move that further builds on the Salesforce and Google Marketing Platform partnership, Salesforce announced today that its customers will now be able to purchase Google Marketing Platform products – including Analytics 360, Optimize 360, and Tag Manager 360 – as part of its solution set including Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. As the … Read Full Post

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Four Factors You Should Consider for Winning at Personalization

With the ongoing emphasis on personalization for delivering a differentiated customer experience, greater accessibility and affordability of relevant tools is no coincidence. Even the typical challenges of a solution deployment are more easily overcome. That said, a personalization initiative, like all significant digital marketing efforts, should not be taken lightly. Your technology stack and any … Read Full Post

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Introducing Google Attribution & Attribution 360 – a catalyst to move beyond last-click.

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Attribution, a new solution designed to move marketers beyond last-click attribution. Google’s approach is to assign a weighted value to all the various touchpoints along a customer journey to help you understand what role each touchpoint plays in driving conversions. “Google Attribution is a new tool that helps … Read Full Post

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How to design dashboards that people will actually use

Finding a data visualization solution that satisfies the needs of stakeholders can be a real issue for many organizations. Oftentimes, the effort, time, and money invested in dashboards only results in disappointment and frustration. In order for a dashboard to be adopted across the organization, it needs to connect the right data sources, have input … Read Full Post

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What Google Optimize 360 can do for you

Google’s new Analytics 360 Suite of products are designed to give enterprises a truly integrated package of marketing analytics and optimization tools. My personal favorite is Optimize 360. It allows you to run A/B multivariate tests, as well as personalization campaigns on your site. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is that … Read Full Post