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Persuasion Profiling: The Next Big Thing in Conversion Optimization?

Cardinal Path blog post

When logging into webinars, I always keep my expectations in check. Often, webinars only offer a somewhat new take on familiar material. Or they’re 90% sales pitch. But on May 30, Tim Ash and Maurits Kaptein hosted a standout webinar on “Persuasion Profiling.” In the webinar, Maurits Kaptein (co-founder of Science Rockstars and PersuasionAPI ) … Read Full Post

Moqups.com – Online Wireframing, Free and Easy

It’s not often us UX folk are offered anything truly new – and actually useful – in terms of tools. Especially free tools. So my discovery (thanks to Mike Jones) of Moqups.com was the best kind of surprise. Moqups is a nifty little HTML5 application for creating wireframes, mockups or other prototypes. It loads quickly, has a wonderfully simple … Read Full Post


Top 10 Lame Excuses for Not Doing Conversion Testing

Last week we examined some popular excuses for not doing usability testing. This week, we’ll take a look at conversion testing (aka A/B and Multivariate Testing).     1. “I don’t have the budget to purchase testing software.” Visual Website Optimizer starts at $49 per month. Google Website Optimizer (GWO) is free. Budget is no … Read Full Post