Heather Cooan

Heather is an SEM and Social Media Marketing Specialist at Cardinal Path - her expertise in business development and online marketing coupled with her love of all things digital gives her a unique perspective in managing traffic acquisition for clients and driving revenue via data based solutions. Heather consults and speaks in the areas of paid search, social media marketing, and analytics.

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Ad Split Testing & AdWords Ad Rotation Settings

Cardinal Path blog post

When it comes to managing AdWords accounts, split testing ads is a basic task on every account manager’s list. Split testing is a staple for consistent evolution and increased performance of any digital advertising medium really and is a must do for effective AdWords account management. However, strategies vary and the ad rotation settings available … Read Full Post

How To Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Cardinal Path blog post

Dynamic Keyword Insertion or DKI is a pretty neat tool for pay-per-click account managers. I guess you could call it a hack, as it’s essentially a piece of code inserted into the ad text to dynamically change the ad in response to user queries for which the ad will display. When used correctly, this piece … Read Full Post

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