About Google AdWords Fundamentals (101)

This training is designed for those who are just getting started with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google AdWords, or have staff who are new to AdWords. Our hands-on Google AdWords course focuses on how Pay-per-Click (PPC) works, how to create and structure your company’s account, and how to create a positive ROI paid search campaign from start to finish. We use real business examples and live accounts to demonstrate the foundations of running a successful AdWords campaign. Please insure you have administrative access to an AdWords account. To set up an account go to: AdWords

N What’s Covered in this Google AdWords Workshop?

Google AdWords Fundamentals lays the foundation for you to become an AdWords ninja. We will guide you through learning the user interface, understanding the various types of reports that are available, and mastering how to find actionable insights in your data.
This course will cover: 
  • Understanding what Search Engine Marketing and Google AdWords are, and how they fit into your SEM strategy
  • How Quality Score works and why it’s so important in the AdWords auction
  • How to structure your company’s account, campaigns and ad groups to position your company for online marketing success
  • How to research, identify and refine keywords and match types to effectively expand your marketing reach, including negative keywords
  • Tips for writing great text ads that will stand out from the competition and how to make the best use of ad extensions
  • Creating your first campaign and targeting users by geography, language, device, and day of week / time of day
  • Understanding the reporting features of AdWords and leveraging key user interface components
  • Tracking conversions

n Agenda

  • Overview – How Google AdWords plays a role in your overall online advertising, goal setting and strategy definition
  • Search Deconstruction – How and where your Google AdWords ads will show, navigating the AdWords auction, quality scoring and ad copy breakdowns
  • Account Architecture – How accounts should be structured and how to master the AdWords interface
  • DIY Campaign: How to set up an AdWords campaign, including free resources to help build your strategy and get your campaigns live using the best targeting, keywords, ad copy and extensions
  • Post-Live Check – Check all of your elements to make sure your campaign is set up correctly


This course does not require prior knowledge of Google AdWords. However, please ensure you have a basic familiarity with the interface prior to attending. It is also recommended that before starting this course, you take some time to reflect on what you are looking to get out of the training. Please visit to set up your AdWords account


AdWords Fundamentals and Advanced AdWords together provide a great overall view of the capabilities of Google AdWords.

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