Google Marketing Platform + Salesforce CRM

Drive sales, fine-tune marketing, and elevate the customer experience with insights from enterprise analytics and CRM data

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When the world’s most widely-adopted analytics platform meets the world’s most widely-adopted CRM solution, it cracks open a world of opportunity for organizations.

This winning combination brings together the comprehensive online data of the Google Marketing Platform, with the rich offline customer data of Salesforce. This amplifies the potential for brands to attract, nurture, convert, and retain customers, resulting in true customer-centric, and data-driven experiences.

"Cardinal Path & Isobar bring a killer combination of knowledge and expertise to help organizations get the most from this integration in the shortest time."

Raj Gajwani, Director of Media Platforms, Google

Isobar & Cardinal Path Joint Activation Services

Drawing from deep knowledge and experience in the Analytics 360 and Salesforce platforms, Cardinal Path and, sister agency, Isobar, will quickly deploy, optimize, and set you up to realize immediate benefits from the integration.

Bringing Customers & Brands Closer through Data-led Experiences

In this Cannes Lions Festival panel, Salesforce, Google and Isobar join Cardinal Path to help brands get ramped up to take full advantage of this game-changing integration.

The Monday Stack: The Salesforce/Google Analytics Implementation Opportunity

One of the biggest news out of Salesforce Connections this year is the set of capabilities rolling out as part of the highly anticipated Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 integration.

Analytics Rising: A Virtual Conference for Data Marketers

Interested in learning more about Salesforce & GA360 integration? Sign up for our Google Analytics Virtual Conference.

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