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Monday again and we’re back in Vancouver after a week of 8 to 6 thinking, 6 to 8 drinking, and more food than I want to ever see again.

This week I tried really hard not to talk about Google+. Instead, we have stories from across the web on anonymizing internet connections, Google Page Rank, remarketing with PPC, and analyzing your email. To read more… well, you know what to do.




  • Avinash is talking about a topic close to my heart: using analytics with your email marketing campaigns. Beyond the basics (because Avinash ALWAYS goes beyond the basics) there are some really great medium level metrics presented here, such his more complex version of bounce rate, or profitability measurements.
  • Search Engine Watch has a post on gaining demographic data from your remarketing campaigns. Not perfectly scientific, but their method does lead to some good data, which should let you develop some insights into your visitors.


  • UXMatters has a post on pairing usability testing with A/B testing, including how to marry user testing and A/B testing at the dev stage.
  • The ever cool UX Booth has a post on Effective Minimalism in Experience Design, which attempts to explain the balance between usability and minimal design. Better, though, are its numerous examples of fantastic minimalism combined with lot sof examples of confusing minimalism. The latter of which is something you don’t hear people discussing too much.