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Alex Langshur Talks Google Analytics With Online Behavior

Cardinal Path Senior Partner Alex Langshur recently spoke with Daniel Waisberg of about Google Analytics, and data-driven marketing opportunities and challenges. Watch the video at From Alex Langshur talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics developments, techniques, challenges and opportunities. Alex starts by sharing insights from his latest presentation at the Google … Read Full Post

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Two Philosophies of Weaving Online Social Fabric

Google+ just released its business pages (Google+ Your Business)  features, allowing organizations to create profiles and interact with their customers. And once again, we’re seeing how Google and Facebook differ in their social media philosophies. Using their Google+ accounts, people can now subscribe to businesses and receive messages in their feeds, and businesses can track … Read Full Post


Keep Those Ad Groups Tight!

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In our attempts to get clients more clicks and better value for their search marketing dollars,even experienced search marketing professionals can get carried away with adding keywords to an ad group. This keyword creep can happen to anyone, and before you know it, your ad text doesn’t really match the keywords you’re buying in order … Read Full Post

Web Marketing Wednesday in Ottawa

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  Last night was another great event in the Web Marketing Wednesday series in Ottawa. Once 6pm rolled around, it seemed like everyone had found their niche conversation to contribute to. There was a broad set of skills among the attendees – everything from SEO experts to mobile and desktop app developers – so there … Read Full Post

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