Google Tag Manager Lab

About this GTM Lab:

From introductory implementation to advanced GTM features, this Google Tag Manager (GTM) course is focused on understanding the collection abilities of GTM and how to use it to fit your organization’s needs. If you want to learn how to employ GTM, including how to track advanced Google Analytics features (like events, cross-domain, custom dimensions, and other advanced website data), this is the course for you! This course will arm you with the technical skills needed to achieve your company’s toughest measurement goals. 

Google released an awesome revamp of Google Tag Manager. 

What is new? 

-The interface, including how you make tags, triggers, and variables
-Work spaces, and how you can have multiple people working together, but not overwriting each other’s work

N What’s Covered?

This training will teach you about how GTM actually works, and how to implement Google Universal Analytics using this powerful tag management tool. In the course, we will cover:

  • The high level architecture of GTM as a tag management product
  • The various versions and installation techniques of GTM
  • How to extend the capabilities of Google Universal Analytics with features like custom dimensions & metrics, event tracking and more.

n Agenda

  • Tag Management Systems: Importance and Roles
  • GTM Administration and Best Practices
  • GTM User Interface
    • Understanding Tags, Triggers and Variables
    • Strategies for Using Tags and Folders Efficiently
  • Implementing Universal Analytics using GTM
    • Page Tracking
    • Cross-Domain and Subdomain Tracking
    • Events, Virtual Pageviews, Custom Dimensions and Metrics
  • Tools and Techniques to Debug an Implementation


All three courses together provide a great overall view of the capabilities of Google Analytics and provide individuals with  a knowledge base to seek Google Analytics certification.

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