Why Take Google AdWords and Google Analytics Training From Cardinal Path?

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    Google trusts Cardinal Path to train their employees and partners across the globe

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    Our training is designed to maximize your potential

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    We will teach you how to make campaign management a snap

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    Gain the skills you need to become Google Certified

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    Over 60,000 people have chosen Cardinal Path for training

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    Learn how to save money and increase the effectiveness of your advertising

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    Learn how to leverage the newest product features

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    Our instructors are the experts!

Google AdWordsAdWords™

Whether you’re new to AdWords or a seasoned ad split-testing guru, our AdWords training courses will help you save time, money and angst and help you become a more skilled advertiser. Our comprehensive courses take you from the basics of setting up your first campaign to complex keyword bidding strategies, remarketing and conversion optimization. Google sends their teams to our training to learn their own platform – so you can trust us to deliver current, comprehensive and excellent training.

What You’ll Learn

Google AnalyticsAnalytics

Our Google Analytics training courses start by introducing you to the fundamentals of digital analytics and progress to advanced topics such as campaign tagging, Google Tag Manager and custom report creation. We will teach you how to use Google Analytics to uncover the digital intelligence hidden in your data—intelligence that will help you improve your own or your customers’ online experience.

What You’ll Learn

Why Cardinal Path?

Cardinal PathCardinal Path is a leader in the digital marketing and digital analytics space. In fact, Cardinal Path was the winner of the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Agency Award in 2015. We work with major clients such as Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Microsoft, Lynda.com, and more. The instructors who lead our courses are the same people who work leveraging their knowledge and expertise to drive revenue for these massive multinational organizations. All of our instructors are Google Certified and they are responsible for creating and leading training for Google and Microsoft.

Our live training is done in a classroom style setting with small classes and lots of time to interact with the instructor and your peers. Our instructors deliver up-to-date content and expert advice using case studies, class interaction and a comprehensive curriculum. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you will leave our courses with practical tips and tools you can implement immediately to boost your marketing ROI.

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