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Why Conversion rate isn’t the whole story

Using Customer Data To Predict Value And Optimize Media Spend

Conversion rate is great, but connect the dots between customer data and marketing performance data for true insight At this stage, many marketers have good visibility into the performance of marketing programs. But do you have a handle on the … Read Full Post

Why you need to look at Google BigQuery for your enterprise data

BigQuery for Big Data

It’s been a year since we held the last Google BigQuery webinar and a lot has changed in terms of how the tool is being leveraged by organizations to really take their data – both online and offline – to … Read Full Post

5 E-Commerce Techniques To Know For The 2015 Holiday Season

e-commerce holiday retailer

In this post, originally published by Marketing Land on July 20th, 2015, Nick Iyengar, Cardinal Path’s Associate Director of Digital Intelligence, highlights five e-commerce techniques to make your 2015 holiday season a success. Think it’s too early to start planning for … Read Full Post

Connecting the Dots: Top 3 Cross-Device Tracking Methods

Cross Device Tracking Methods

One of the biggest challenges for digital marketers today is being able to connect the dots as consumers increasingly engage with their brand across a variety of devices in different settings. These days, it’s pretty common for people to browse … Read Full Post

The Big Data Mistake Big Companies are Making

The Mistake                   Companies

Recently, the Huffington Post published an article with the 12 Major Mistakes Companies Make with Big Data. Among the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) who were interviewed, was David Booth, one of Cardinal Path’s Co-Founders and Senior Partners. In Dave’s … Read Full Post

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