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When Bounce Rate is Not Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce Rage Feature

In web analytics Bounce Rate is a popular (loved and hated) metric we like to throw around in reports, dashboards, and some conversations where we want to impress. Google Analytics, of course, reports on bounce rates and does a great … Read Full Post

Google Analytics “Change History” – New Feature!

Finally! For a long time the analytics community has been asking the Google Analytics team for a way to track changes made to accounts, properties and profiles. Just like the AdWord’s Change History feature, Google Analytics admin users will now … Read Full Post

Web Traffic Analysis Basics for All

Traffic Analysis sounds like the “don’t try this at home” kind of endeavor. An operation only qualified professionals should be attempting, probably involving meticulous analysis of lots of numbers with complex formulas… well, yes and no. “Yes” because there is … Read Full Post

Experiment: onClick vs onMouseDown Event Tracking in Google Analytics

Event tracking is a beautiful thing. With it we can track visitor actions that don’t load the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) such as PDF downloads, image clicks, uses of a tool. In simple terms, it’s widely used to track … Read Full Post

Google Analytics and CRM Integration for Powerful Email Campaigns

Cardinal Path blog post

With the introduction of Google Analytics (GA) Premium Edition, GA users can now work with their CRM and CMS systems to customize and target individual site visitors. This is big. Imagine tying information from GA to groups of identifiable individuals … Read Full Post

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