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Alex is co-founder and Senior Partner at Cardinal Path, a digital intelligence (digital analytics, search optimization and marketing, UX) consulting firm. He is passionate about helping clients understand the meaning and business value within the numbers, and drawing clear, concise and compelling stories about how clients, stakeholders and the public engage with organizations via the sum of their online channels (social, mobile, email & web). Alex is the past-President and Director Emeritus of the Web Analytics Association.

Alex loves to teach: he has taught courses on digital analytics, Google Analytics, search optimization and marketing for the Web Analytics Association (WAA) Base Camp, the US government’s Webmanager University, Marcus Evans International and many private training sessions for companies. He is currently a lecturer on digital analytics for the University of British Columbia, has frequently published in journals and magazines on digital measurement & marketing, and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences around the world.

Alex lives in Boston (Go Sox!) with his wife, two sons and golden retriever.

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