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Getting Started with a Career in Analytics

There are many different directions you could take a career in digital analytics, spanning across many different business layers: from technology implementation, to analysis, all the way up to strategy and governance. For those of you who are more technologically focused, the good news is that you don’t need to know code for every platform. It … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path

The Neglected Step-Child of Analytics: Data Integrity

The Scenario You have invested many months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring the right talent, marketing the analytics program internally, partnering with agencies, redesigning websites, launching mobile apps, and configuring an analytics platform. Yet, you still cannot identify which content is being consumed, which channels are driving conversion, or how to determine … Read Full Post

Data Analysis

Effective Data Analysis: Avoid the Rabbit Holes

Rabbits have a natural tendency to dig holes to provide a hiding place or to keep cool in hot weather or warm on chilly days. Many homeowners get extremely frustrated when trying to find the culprit or when trying to prevent this natural burrowing behavior. How does this apply to data analysis? A rabbit will … Read Full Post

Data Analysis