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A Fond Farewell to Cardinal Path

Web analytics is such a great industry. One thing that I really like is the pace of change. It feels like there’s always a new tool or new data to play with. Sometimes it’s maddening how fast things change! But … Read Full Post

Introducing Google Analytics Premium

Cardinal Path blog post

Google has formally announced a paid version of Google Analytics. Long rumored to exist, this new version of Google Analytics, named Google Analytics Premium, is sure to mix up the “enterprise” analytics market. Before we get into product features and … Read Full Post

New Changes to Google Analytics

Cardinal Path blog post

Brett Crosby from the Google Analytics team talked about a number of new and recently announced features to Google Analytics. To recap the announcement here’s a quick video that Justin created. Look for more blog posts in the next couple … Read Full Post

WebSharian Justin Cutroni to appear on WebmasterRadio.fm Podcast

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Just a quick note, I’ll be appearing on the WordPress Community Podcast with my buddy Joost de Valk today, April 20, at 5:00 PM EDT. We’ll be talking about blogs, Google Analytics and how bloggers can leverage the amazing amount … Read Full Post

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