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Custom Links Allowed in Additional Details Section of your Google Places Listing

Cardinal Path blog post

With the rebranding of the Google Local Business Center to Google Places, several new features have been put in place. In my last post I talked about specifying your business’s service area. In this post I want to talk about … Read Full Post

Specify Your Business’s Service Area within your Google Places Listing

Cardinal Path blog post

Did anyone notice that you can specify a service area in your Google Places Listing? Google Maps began rolling out this feature in late March with little publicity. This is quite a feature for businesses that want to publicize the … Read Full Post

Event Tracking data available through the Google Analytics API….Sweet!

Cardinal Path blog post

If you missed the Google Analytics blog post a couple weeks ago, you missed a big announcement on how Event Tracking and two other features are now available through the API.  We are positively thrilled about this announcement as it … Read Full Post

New Dashboard in Google’s Local Business Center Extends Your Analytics

Cardinal Path blog post

Google announced their new Local Business Center dashboard today.  Many businesses use Google’s local business search in hopes of driving traffic to their store locations or web site.  The new dashboard feature allows business owners to see how local business … Read Full Post

Search and Display Advertising Working Together

Cardinal Path blog post

It is every online marketer’s question; “Which will result in a better ROI, search or display advertising?” Traditionally the two were measured independently and with little regard for how the two advertising methods interact with one another.  However, a recent … Read Full Post

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