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Cardinal Path Announces Release Of Tag Detection Tool WASP v1.0 For The Google Chrome Browser

CHICAGO, Nov. 18, 2013 — Cardinal Path, an independent digital data and analytics firm announced the immediate release of v1.0 of WASP (Web Analytics Solution Profiler) for Chrome, the tool that facilitates rapid and accurate tag-implementation quality assurance for any tag-based service such as Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, DoubleClick, BlueKai and hundreds of ad network beacons.

Created in 2006 by Cardinal Path Director of Innovation, Stephane Hamel, the WASP for Chrome beta has already been installed by over 2,000 users, and the classic WASP for Firefox is trusted by nearly 4,000 users, making it the undisputed industry leader in quality assurance testing for analytics tagging.  The summer 2013 release of the Chrome beta version was an instant hit with the user community, many of whom provided suggestions and recommendations that have been incorporated into the v1.0.

A few of the key enhancements of WASP for Chrome v1.0 include a revolutionary approach to tag auto-detection, a “friendly names” feature that makes it a snap to understanding exactly what data is being transferred via the new Google Analytics Measurement protocol, a unique visualization showing relationships between tags, speed enhancements, new streamlined role-based views and tag-blocking for advanced quality assurance.

“Cardinal Path is uniquely positioned to bring this completely reengineered tool to the digital analytics community,” said Hamel. “After hundreds of implementations and pinpointing data quality issues on hundreds of others, we know how difficult, inefficient and time consuming traditional debugging and auditing methods are. WASP v1.0 for Chrome is the foundation upon which we will enable marketers, analyst and implementers to tap into our unique expertise.”

WASP v1.0 for Chrome is freely available from



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As a premier, independent digital data analytics firm in North America and a leading global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, Cardinal Path – a portfolio company within Abundant Venture Partners – works with the world's most prominent companies to create, implement and action advanced analytics. Known for its proprietary Online Analytics Maturity Model, a framework for assessing organization-wide analytics maturity, Cardinal Path is comprised of dedicated teams of passionate, award winning analysts, statisticians, academics, developers, and some of the top minds in the digital marketing space. Together, we help our clients unlock the value of their data across a wide digital footprint, sharing all that we know and empowering confident decision making that creates sustainable growth.


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