Standing-up Your 2020 Digital Roadmap

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A digital roadmap is designed to enhance and activate your organization’s digital intelligence by clearly documenting the data-driven marketing initiatives across people, process and technology.

As we head into 2020, with no end in sight to martech complexity and data privacy concerns, it’s clear that organizations with a digital strategy and roadmap will be set up to achieve their goals, and those without will struggle.

Discover the value in gaining a full-view of your marketing technology stack, conducting a data inventory and measurement review, and ultimately standing up a 6 and 18-month digital roadmap that will close workflow gaps and set you up for a truly data-driven 2020.

Webinar Presenters

  • Jonathan Flander

    Group Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path

  • Lauren Norton

    Associate Director, Client Services, Cardinal Path

  • Nick Iyengar

    Group Director, Analysis & Insights, Cardinal Path