Oh dear, it’s that day. April 4th, aka. Monday 404. No wonder I had so much trouble waking up…

A fair amount of content this week, with lots from Google, the SEO crew and even the UX/analysis blogs. Some of it is pretty exciting, with topics ranging from ways to speed up chrome to new Google updates to optimizing readership with fonts!


  • Last week, Google announced the latest and fastest version of chrome: ChromeLite. It saves megs off of every page load, speeding up your browsing considerably!
  • Next up, a look at the technology behind Google autocomplete. Pretty rad stuff. Warning: includes psychics.


  • SEO by the Sea breaks down Google’s latest patent: Brin Rank. This poses a reasonable surfer model for the prediction of page relevancy.
  • If the Panda update caused you to drop in rank, SearchEngineWatch discusses the new “bamboo” update, which provides options for re-inclusion of your site into search rankings.
  • One more: Google has released an update to Display Ad Builder to bring it up to date. It now includes a greater variety of ad templates that better match the modern advertising zeitgeist.



  • To improve conversions, Google has released it’s newest typography tool: Comic Sans for Everyone. This has seen increases in readability of nearly 70%, and huge bonuses to percentage of content looked at.

And just in case you hadn’t noticed that these are all April Fools jokes