Google Surveys 360: Fast, cost-effective market research

Quickly surface voice-of-customer & industry insights

Surveys 360 gives you direct access to industry and consumer insights that matter specifically to your business. How does your online journey check out? What is the timeframe between browsing and buying? Who is in the market for your product or solution? With timely and applicable answers from reliable sources, you get high-quality data points to quickly inform your marketing initiatives at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.

  • Reach highly specific audiences with advanced features
  • Get feedback on campaigns and make adjustments in real-time
  • Improve creative by seeing which concepts work best

Getting started: Options span three solutions tiers ranging from standard Google Surveys to Google Surveys 360 with dedicated and expert support.

Try before you buy: Sign on for a single, turnkey survey for $5k. A certified Surveys 360 Partner will conduct the survey on your behalf, compile results and deliver the report complete with recommendations for next steps.

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