Digital Navigator

Step-by-step plan to leap-forward your digital strategy 

This solution is popular with Fortune 1000 brands at every stage of their digital maturity as it clears a path to speed the adoption of critical marketing technology, breaks down silos and eliminates duplication, while ensuring best practices and governance are implemented enterprise-wide. Our data strategy and analytics experts dive deep into your marketing data, technology stack, processes and workflows, then summarize the actions you need to take to achieve optimal success against your business objectives. 


  • The most efficient way to level-up your digital data and marketing analytics capabilities based on where you are today
  • Management consulting approach delivers your plan, giving you flexibility to execute any way you want – in-house or 3rd-party resources – or a combination of both

Deliverable: Detailed roadmap spanning 18-months, outlining tasks that may be carried out by resources both internally, externally, or both, depending on the make-up of your team.

*Prices may vary, based on scope
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