Informed, confident decisions through forecasting methodology

Analytics determine next month, quarter, and year for retailer


The CMO of this major retail brand wanted to know if their revenue goal of $2B was achievable. With a significant media spend, multiple brands and divisions, and a competitive landscape, the ability to see around corners is key to their business strategy.



A forecasting model based on established KPIs -online visits, calls, and appointments- that were known purchase indicators. We looked at historic data across trends, seasonality, weather, holidays, and controllable factors like media.

Results: With a monthly and annual forecast – this retail organization was armed to make informed decisions about where to invest resources in order to maximize revenues. With a direct connection to dollar amounts, the forecast gave the CMO tangible insights that would help shape their marketing efforts across channels and provide confidence in the business goals they have laid out. The process is repeatable throughout the year, allowing them to forecast Q2 in Q1, introduce “what-if” scenarios, and iterate as needed.

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