Hyundai Drives Intelligence with Digital Dashboards

Automated, easy-to-use dashboards replace manual reporting and spreadsheets


Hyundai’s marketing team were using cumbersome excel-based dashboards that required a great deal of manual work, drained valuable resources, lacked flexibility, and endangered data integrity. They wanted less report-building and more time dedicated to data analysis and strategic planning.


A dynamic, automated version of Hyundai’s existing dashboard that delivered timely robust data and visualizations in a more digestible format. The dashboard presents user-friendly digital data across acquisition, advertising spend based on different car models, and social media performance and lets Hyundai quickly analyze and interpret real-time data in a variety of different ways.

Hyundai is now leveraging this technology to integrate offline data from multiple data sources on potential customer actions such as visits to showrooms and walk-ins for test drives, enabling Hyundai to infer stages of purchase interest from “Consideration” through “Interest” and, ultimately, “Purchase Intent.”

Hyundai was also able to correlate previously disparate data—such as between new leads and new web traffic— while optimizing monthly ad spends and assessing the performance of their lead generation activities, both on and offline. Plus – with the new technology and advanced
capabilities, Hyundai has reduced their overhead by cutting labor costs.

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