Pharmaceutical brand brings governance to data practices, gains insights

Enabling digital intelligence through analytics best practices


This pharmaceutical industry organization was unable to trust or make use of the data for their flagship brand, and turned to Cardinal Path to conduct an analytics audit.



A comprehensive review uncovered a lack of essential analytics governance and best practices with tags that conflicted with each other, versions that were improperly documented, poorly named variables, and more.

Their current site and media tagging management had loaded their tagging container to the point where it was impacting site performance, causing data loss and impacting tracking of of their KPIs. We reduced the size of their container by 50% without losing tracking on any of their KPIs, and established governance that would serve as an essential, foundational step towards other, strategic data initiatives. 

Their team, finally able to count on the data they were collecting, were now able to turn their focus to pulling insights from their data to inform marketing efforts and optimize the consumer experience.

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