Automotive Retailer Predicts Online-to-Offline Performance

Purchase Intent analysis identifies which website actions most strongly correlate with in-store purchases and revenues


Understand which digital touchpoints are predictive of in-store purchases and the value of these actions.


This automotive industry retailer used a Purchase Intent analysis to understand which online actions were most indicative of an in-store purchase,  direct their media agencies to completely overhaul their optimization strategy for Paid SEM (the majority of their digital media investment), justify site content changes and set testing priorities.

Armed with the findings of this model, if they drive, for example, a 5% increase in Coupon Prints and Purchase Intent shows that Coupon Prints are worth $11 each in future revenue, we can do the math to show precisely how much revenue additional Coupon Prints will bring into the business.  

By applying the findings to guide a new optimization approach, this organization was able to increase revenue by an estimated 27%.

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