Nancy Catherine Coll, CMP

Nancy Catherine Coll, Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). Nancy is a top Canadian meeting planner with over 34 years experience in all aspects of the industry. She was the 2004 Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Planner of the Year (Ottawa Chapter). She is known for her event planning of small and enormous events, exceptional contracting and budgeting skills, procurement advice and sourcing, venue selection and advice.

Nancy has a comprehensive knowledge of the meetings industry and is a leader in her profession.

Nancy is mature and professional and has experience working with Executive and Board level teams, as well as volunteers and permanent staff. At the age of 14 Nancy started stuffing envelopes and working behind the scenes for her mother’s company Conference Coll Inc. – one of the first conference management companies in Canada. Over the years Nancy has built a comprehensive portfolio of skills which makes her an ideal planner.

Based on real-world and hands-on experience, she knows how the banquet server and the chef feel, how a hotel works, how long it takes to design and produce a marketing piece or a sign, and what to budget to print and bind 700 copies of a proceedings. She can design a web site or select appropriate models for a photo shoot.

Qualifications and designations – Meeting Professionals International (MPI) 2004 Planner of the Year (Ottawa Chapter) – MPI Ottawa Chapter Board of Directors (Director of Publications 2002-2004; Director of Community Outreach 2005-2007) – Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) since January 2004 – Certified Joint Health & Safety (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board). Nancy has lived in England, South Africa, Paris, Den Haag, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa and worked in all these places as well as Oslo and Washington. She has traveled Europe and Canada extensively.

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