Jordan Louis lives and works in Ottawa, fulfilling many roles in his work as an internal consultant in the Operations role at Cardinal Path. This role suits him best – Jordan prefers to work behind the scenes and clear the way so that his colleagues can shine more brightly.

Jordan manages and maintains NetSuite CRM records and back-office systems (CRM systems manager), works on updating and improving the Intranet, travels across North America with Cardinal Path Training to ensure events run smoothly and issues are dealt with quickly and professionally (on-site event coordinator), develops and evaluates sales leads and their tracking assets (sales engineer), reviews contracts and non-disclosure agreements before signing as well as maintaining our legal document templates and library of signed legal documents (law clerk).

Jordan is always happy to pitch in wherever needed, always willing to learn a new skill or adopt a new role in order to keep things running as smoothly as possible. This willingness to adapt, change, and grow in order to maintain a high level of value for internal and external clients alike has served him well over the years.

Jordan has been a shape-shifter, moving from aspiring lawyer to web developer to web analyst and now to his present role as Cardinal Path’s very own smooth operator.

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