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Goodbye WebShare, Hello Cardinal Path!

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Six years ago we started WebShare with the singular goal of passing on the knowledge and skills we had acquired in Internet marketing to our clients and partnering with them to take their digital strategy to the next level.Over the years we’ve been fortunate to experience tremendous growth that has allowed us to continue to … Read Full Post

Alphanumeric Phone Numbers Online

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A guy walks into an airport bar and asks the bartender if he can just take a look at the phone.  “You don’t want to make a call?”  “Nope, just want to look at the phone.”  I know it sounds like the beginning of one, but this is not a joke, and I actually did … Read Full Post

Are These Design Elements Providing the Expected Value Add?

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We help answer questions like this all the time! And with this simple method, you can too. With WebShare redesign projects, we do more than just build pretty websites. A truly good website is a combination of being aesthetically pleasing, functional and highly measurable. The purpose of the site has to be clearly defined and … Read Full Post

How to deal with perceptual blindness – Dare to not be different

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One of our most popular services at WebShare is to critique ecommerce sites, and one concept that comes up often is perceptual blindness.  This is the tendency to overlook something that is right in front of you because it’s not where you expect it to be.  Think of the internal site search box on a … Read Full Post

User types and cognitive learning

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When improving the user experience of your site or just fine tuning elements to improve conversion, it’s important to understand your user types first before you make any rash decisions. When we work with clients on designing a site, one of the first questions to ask is who will be using the site? Specifically a … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).