When it comes to Google AdWords campaigns for international tourist dollars, competition is high. And just being ‘competitive’ is insufficient. Expecting to enhance the return on investment of their multi-national search engine marketing, Rocky Mountaineer brought its AdWords account to Cardinal Path – and the result speaks for itself.


Competing on a global scale for vacationers, Rocky Mountaineer faces tough competition for their epic travel vacations. Early on, they realized the power of Google AdWords to attract visitors from multiple markets, and wanted more. They brought in Cardinal Path.


We went to work. We ran tests on advertising messages. We optimized their bid management, filtering out irrelevant traffic. We expanded campaigns, and more. Data gave us direction, and direction gave us results.


Brochure requests increased by 300%, newsletter subscribers by 134%, and media spend dropped by 17%. Visitors were coming more often, for a lower cost, and engaging with more content. The overall result blew us away: a 975% return on investment.