A quick FYI to our readers: coming up on January 26th is our first Online Persuasion webinar. Presented by Michael Straker, of our Persuasive Web Design series, this one focuses on Social Proof and how you can use that to influence visitors.

From the webinar page:

In this webinar series, Michael Straker explains how to use the techniques of advertisers, psychologists and behavioral economists, to create websites that motivate visitors to ACT.

In the first of this series, Michael will explain why – when faced with a decision – we tend to look at what others are doing, then simply follow the pack. He'll discuss The Power of Social Proof, including:

  • How to harness its power to maximum effect.
  • The pitfalls of negative social proof, and how to avoid it
  • How to overcome “diffusion of responsibility”

You can read our page on the webinar, or just register now.