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Google’s Universal Analytics Two Years In: Hype Or Revolution?

Technology doesn't slow down

In this post, originally published by Marketing Land on June 16th, 2015, Nick Iyengar, Cardinal Path’s Associate Director of Digital Intelligence, shows how Google’s Universal Analytics more than lives up to all the hype. Read on for Nick’s six reasons to prioritize your company’s migration. Still on the fence about migrating to Google Universal Analytics? Columnist Nick … Read Full Post

YouTube video tracking with GTM and UA: a step by step guide

February 11th, 2015 update Save time! import/merge the required configuration for the new GTM UI! improved in-line documentation and minor bug fixes November 15th, 2014 update track onunload event minor fix to error reporting June 20th, 2014 update now supports multiple players on the same page includes optional code to add the necessary enablejsapi=1 to the … Read Full Post

Using Universal Analytics to advance digital maturity

Cardinal Path blog post

It’s been hard to avoid the hype and excitement in the digital analytics and marketing community surrounding Universal Analytics (UA). UA is the next generation of GA’s platform and much has been written about its technical prowess and capabilities. All this hype has served to significantly raise the expectations of marketers and data analysts about … Read Full Post

Universal Analytics for a Faster Web

At its exclusive event in Mountain View for Partners a couple weeks ago, Google announced Universal Analytics. This new platform brings exciting features to the table by switching a lot of the logic and control from the JavaScript tracking code back to the server side. It took Google significant re-engineering to make this happen and it will … Read Full Post